Websites & Internet

  • – Snail mail service. Print and send mail via internet (RustyRidgeway)
  • – Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (Larry Lewis)
  • – Rare Bible translations in several languages (Larry Lewis)
  • – Where the 24-7 Prayer movement began (Heidi Rotert)
  • – Life Impact Ministries, retreat houses in Slovakia and Porano, Italy (Laurie Barnes)
  • – Free website copying program (Laurie Barnes)
  • – Website creation service (Laurie Barnes)
  •, – E-newsletters (Brian Rotert)
  • – Online file sharing service (Larry Lewis)
  • – Website for International Conference on Missions (former National Missionary Convention) (John Caldwell)
  • – Directory of Christian churches in Europe (Herr Smelser)



  • European Leadership Forum – Online lectures, subscribe to newsletter to hear about upcoming lectures. Also an annual conference that is invitation only. (Randy Smelser)
  • 24-7 Prayer Gathering – Yearly conference in Europe for the 24-7 prayer movement (Heidi Rotert)
  • Esplorando la Bibbia (Exploring the Bible) – Italian summer conference – (Andrea Gentile)


  • Natural Church Development – Help for local churches with strategy and coaching – (Andrea Gentile)

Books Referenced in John Caldwell’s Sermons

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